DryHold Hatch Cover Sealing Tape



Standard Duty and Heavy Duty Hatch Cover Tapes

Manufactured especially for marine applications and recommended for all weathers.

Product Definition

Self-adhesive tape laminated with elastomeric bitumen based high-strength polyester film.

• Great Strength

• Relaibility

• Superior Adhesion

• Stop Water Leakage


Surface of application should be dry, clean and free of oil, rust, silicone and dirt. Silicon film at the bottom surface is removed at the time of application and the product is applied directly on the surface prepared. Following the application pressure is applied with a silicone role on the product surface to ensure full adhesion avoiding air bubbles.


The product may be stored for maximum 1 year as of its production date in dry, ventilated and covered places at 5-25℃ protect from direct sunlight, cold weather, water, frost and severe weather conditions.



SQ Marine® is the main distributor of the product in USA and Canada.

Applications are accepted to become a local distributor.


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