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BC Petro Tape is an excellent protection tape against corrosion

which can be applied to all kinds of metallic pipes, structures,

piles in the water and on the land.



  • Good resistance to acids, alkalis and salts
  • Applied easy in short time.
  • No changes in quality between -270°C (-454°F) and +60°C (+140°F)
  • No cracking, no hardening
  • Solvent Free
  • Cold and wet surface application available
  • Creates a solid water barrier


  • Hydraulic pipeline/valve/flange
  • Underground pipe/tank
  • Steel piling/marine structure




Application on board





Application Instruction

  1. Remove moisture, oil, dust and scale, etc. on the surface by rag, chipper and scraper.
  2. Thinly coat with BC Petro Paste (0.3 kg/m²)
  3. Stuff BC Petro Mastic on uneven areas-flanges, valves, cavities  and etc.
  4. Wrap BC Petro Tape with enough tension to assure confirmility to the surface.
  5. PVC Firm Tape is recommended for the prevention of wrapped BC Petro tape from mechanical damages and for the good appearance of the wrapped items.


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Application Video



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